Pennsylvania teen gifts PlayStation 5 to 10-year-old neighbor battling cancer


PHILADELPHIA (WFLA) — Christmas came early for 10-year-old Sonny Boyd. It’s been a tough year for the fifth grader, but life became a lot sweeter recently thanks to Sonny’s angel, who happens to be named Angel.

Angel Ortero won a coveted PS5 in a raffle at Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia. The gaming console is incredibly difficult to obtain this holiday season.

However, instead of taking the prize home, Angel decided to bring it to his neighbor Sonny whose cancer is now in remission, but is also recovering from a broken leg.

Angel ended up getting a gift back from Sonny’s mother. She insisted he take some money for the PS5 which Angel decided to use to bless more children, buying as many gifts as he could afford to give to those in need.

As this brutal year grinds to a close, Angel’s thoughtfulness is the gift that keeps on giving, inspiring others this holiday season.

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