Police in Pennsylvania: ‘No evidence’ Kohberger tied to Smithers

  • Bryan Kohberger's parents were called to testify before a grand jury
  • The case is related to a 45-year-old missing Pennsylvania woman
  • Police say, however, that there is no connection between the two cases

(NewsNation) — There is “no evidence” that Bryan Kohberger, who is accused of killing four University of Idaho students, is tied to the disappearance of Pennsylvania woman Dana Smithers, Stroud Area Regional Police Department said in a statement on Thursday.

Smithers. 45, went missing in May 2022, and was last seen on surveillance footage leaving her friend’s house in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. That’s in Monroe County, which is where Kohberger lived.

Human remains identified as those of Smithers were found on April 27, the Pocono Record reported.

Even without evidence connecting the two cases, Kohberger’s parents were called to testify before a grand jury in Pennsylvania regarding the Smithers investigation.

NewsNation has learned that Kohberger’s father was subpoenaed to testify on Thursday.

Smithers’ sister, Stacey, also spoke with NewsNation. She revealed that before Kohberger’s arrest, she learned that an investigation grand jury in Pennsylvania was meeting and looking into her Dana’s case and other cases.

It’s still unclear exactly why Kohberger’s parents were called to testify in relation to Smithers case.


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