Puppy survives after possible drug overdose


CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A puppy is recovering after almost dying unexpectedly. The Kanawha-Charleston humane association got a call from a vet saying the puppy was suffering from a possible drug overdose.

Tuesday afternoon, pitbull mix puppy Sid was rushed into the shelter after possibly eating heroin.

“Whenever he was brought in, he was lethargic, he could not lift his head up, he was having difficulty breathing and he couldn’t open his eyes,” Sarah Perry, Community Engagement said.

A vet contacted the humane association saying the puppy may have overdosed. A humane officer quickly went to pick up the puppy and rushed him into the medical clinic.

“Based on the symptoms that he was exhibiting, they chose to administer Narcan into him, as well as IV fluid to try and flush anything out of his system,” Perry said.

The dog started responding to treatment less than a half an hour later.  

“It really was only 20 minutes before he was upright, moving around trying to steal food from us and acting like a regular puppy.”

Staff at the humane association say this is the first time they’ve had a strong suspicion of heroin digested by a puppy and say people should make sure to pay attention when having animals.

“Anything that you have not locked down and not in a drawer or put away properly is just completely fair game for a puppy,” Perry said.

For now, staff are monitoring the puppy’s vital signs to ensure there’s no lingering damage.

“Right now, we’re monitoring him for withdrawal symptoms, so we are heavily monitoring him. he’s staying in our clinic right now just to make sure that someone is with him constantly,” Perry said.

Staff say they’re hoping to have Sid up for adoption within the next couple of days. Also remember, there are other dogs as well that need forever homes. So, if you are looking for a new family member stop by any animal rescue group.

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