Passenger’s ‘erratic’ behavior prompts emergency response at LaGuardia


NEW YORK (WPIX) — Emergency crews responded to LaGuardia Airport Saturday afternoon following a “security incident” on a flight from Indianapolis to New York City, officials said.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Embraer Air E75 regional jet landed at LaGuardia just after 3 p.m. ET following a “security incident,” and all passengers safely deplaned the aircraft.

A Port Authority spokesperson said a passenger on the plane was displaying suspicious and erratic behavior that caused concern among other passengers, NewsNation affiliate WPIX reported.

There were 76 passengers and four crew members on board; no injuries were reported, American Airlines said.

American Airlines American Eagle flight 4817, operated by Republic Airways, was scheduled to land at LaGuardia, according to a search of the flight.

Runway 4 was cleared in order to deplane passengers. The pilot alerted authorities to the situation on the ground.

Video posted to Twitter from inside a plane on the ground showed emergency vehicles lined along parts of the tarmac surrounding at least one aircraft.

Additional video showed the large response scene, which included police and other emergency vehicles.

According to its website, a company named Republic Airways operates services for Delta Connection, United Express and American Eagle. (The FAA identified the company involved in Friday’s incident as Republic Airlines).

This is a developing story; check back for updates.

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