Video: Ice resurfacer bursts into flames in upstate New York


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (NewsNation Now) — Fire met ice in upstate New York after an ice resurfacing machine burst into flames during a youth hockey practice Wednesday.

A hose carrying hydraulic fluid broke and began leaking. The fluid was ignited by a hot exhaust pipe underneath the machine. Onlookers said just before the fire started they could see a trail of red hydraulic fluid on the ice.

The youth hockey players, who were not on the ice at the time of the incident, and other onlookers could be heard on video yelling in shock as the incident unfolded.

The driver remained on the machine the entire time. One person can be heard on video saying, “How is he on there?”

No one was hurt, not even the driver of the resurfacing machine. He was able to get the vehicle off the ice and put the fire out himself before the fire department arrived.

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