Pause in 5G rollout, tension between US and Russia, carjackings on the rise


(NewsNation Now) — AT&T and Verizon will delay launching new wireless service near key airports after the nation’s largest airlines said the service would interfere with aircraft technology and cause massive flight disruptions.

NewsNation’s Brian Entin joins “The Donlon Report” to discuss the situation. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet with his Russian counterpart in Switzerland this week as tensions between the U.S. and Russia escalate over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, the State Department said Tuesday.

James Stavridis, retired United States Navy admiral, joins the show to discuss the European conflict.

Following the hostage situation in Texas, former CIA operative Mike Baker talks about lone-wolf terrorism with Donlon.

Strategists Paris Dennard and Laura Fink discuss the GOP’s rising popularity heading into the midterm elections.

Reason Magazine senior editor Robby Soave joins the show to discuss the state of the pandemic.

Carjackings are on the rise in the U.S. Seattle radio host Jason Rantz discusses the national crime surge.

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