Pentagon announces plans to investigate UFOs


WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — It’s not exactly “The X-Files,” but the Pentagon has announced plans to give a serious look at reports of UFOs.

“Morning in America” reporter Kelsey Kernstine reported that in June, the Pentagon acknowledged reports from Air Force pilots that they had seen unidentified flying craft. They promised to look seriously at 143 cockpit videos of unexplained aerial phenomena, or UAP.

Now, the Department of Defense is going a step further, forming a new group to investigate what’s out there. However, investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell says, “Today doesn’t represent a huge win for UFO transparency.” He says the DOD is trying to get out ahead of support from Congress and UFO legislation and continue hiding the truth.

The support from Congress to which Corbell refers is an item in next year’s defense budget which would require the DOD to report yearly on UFOs and investigations into their appearance.

“That is a really robust series of amendments,” Corbell said. “It would really create an accountability and a transparency to this perceived threat.”

The people skeptical of the government’s efforts have their own skeptics, however, Earlier this year, in an appearance on “Banfield,” astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson said that if anyone wanted him to believe we were being visited by beings from another planet or galaxy, he needed to see better evidence than what’s been presented so far.

Corbell said even if the UFOs aren’t “E.T.,” that the acknowledgment of their existence by the government is exciting. “It means the world is bigger than we ever imagined.”

The new investigative group, as is typical with government agencies, has a truly gargantuan name. This one’s name is the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group.

We’ll just stick with “The X-Files” for now.

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