Photos: how America celebrated its 245th birthday


(NewsNation Now) — Many birthday parties in 2020 were postponed, with visions of a return to form this year. The U.S. seemed to get a proper celebration for the big 245th.

Thousands made the trek to Washington, D.C., many for the first time, to take in the spectacle the nation was denied last year.

“I think you don’t realize how special things are until you don’t have them anymore,” Tina Tuck, an Oklahoma resident, told

The annual Fourth of July parade was still canceled this year. So, workers at the National Archives got creative. They created a chalkboard for kids and brought in live music to keep the party going.

“I think one of the things that prompted us to want to have some sort of party here was a sense of coming together and community,” Jim Doumas, deputy executive director at the National Archives Foundation, said.

Below is a look at the shows in D.C. and around the country in photos.

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