Rare ‘Star Wars’ figure worth over $100K up for auction


YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — One of the most prized “Star Wars” collectibles in history is up for auction in Pennsylvania.

A rare prototype for a rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure from the late 1970s was on the block Wednesday at Hake’s Auctions of York.

The rocket-firing feature was later scrapped over safety concerns, and only a handful of authentic prototypes like it are known to exist, making it the stuff of legend for collectors and “Star Wars” fans.

“The term ‘grail’ is used a lot — ‘holy grail’ of collecting — but any rocket-firing Boba Fett for any collector, that’s their grail for their collection,” said Kelly McClain of Hake’s Auctions.

Alex Winter, Hake’s Auctions president, said Boba Fett action figures are currently “the most sought after of all Star Wars toys,” according to a news release. The 3.75-inch bounty hunter figure that was being auctioned Wednesday is worth an estimated $100,000 to $200,000, he said.

Kenner Star Wars Boba Fett Version 2 J-slot rocket-firing prototype action figure was made in 1979, according to the release. “J-slot” refers to the design on the figure’s back that accommodates the rocket-firing stem.

“The only other J-slot prototype we have offered — an *AFA 85+ NM+ example — sold in November 2019 for $185,850. Since then, demand and value have continued to rise steadily,” Winter said.

A similar and equally sought-after figurine has seen an upward trajectory in recent auctions, selling for between $86,383 and $165,200 in recent years, Winter said.

The character Boba Fett appears in both the original and prequel “Star Wars” trilogies. Wearing a helmet and Mandalorian armor, the bounty hunter’s “formidable appearance and silent demeanor have created an allure that sets the charismatic character apart from all others in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise,” according to the release.

The online auction at Hake’s closes Wednesday.

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