Rising US-China tensions could strain supply chain


LOS ANGELES (NewsNation) — As Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan sparks the ire of China, officials with the Port of Los Angeles say they’re keeping an eye on potential supply-chain issues that could follow.

China has already hit back at Taiwan with bans on the import of some Taiwanese food items. While there are no clear trade threats against the U.S. at this point, any retaliatory measures by China could impact American consumers already grappling with supply shortages and higher prices.

Gene Seroka, executive director for the Port of Los Angeles said the tension between the U.S. and China is a “delicate situation.”

“We count on China so much for the goods that we bring in … parts and components for our factories and what we buy at our stores. I think the concern is very low level from an industry perspective within the supply chain, but we’ll watch this very closely,” he said.

China’s foreign ministry has warned of countermeasures. While there’s been no mention of trade, both sides are well aware that the U.S. imports more than three times the amount of goods than what’s exported to China.

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