Scientists: Obesity may not be your fault


(NewsNation) — At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being obese, and doctors are constantly trying to figure out what’s causing Americans to get so overweight.

After an exhaustive, three-day gathering at a prestigious science academy in London, scientists agreed on one thing: it might not be your fault.

Dr. Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist who studies the connections between diet and mental health, explains why.

“There are factors that really impact many people in a different way, especially toxins,” Amen said Monday on “CUOMO.” “The toxic load on our bodies is greater than ever before.”

Amen said the following can contribute to obesity:

  • Processed foods
  • Pesticides
  • High Glycemic
  • Low fiber
  • Food-like substances
  • Plastic containers

The best thing people can do do avoid obesity, according to Amen, is educate themselves. And the sooner you can start, the better. Childhood obesity has gone up 400% since the 1980s.

“Often kids don’t know. I have six children, and none of them are overweight because we ask them: is this good for your brain?” Amen said. “You have to counteract the messages from the soda company, the fast food, the alcohol company.”

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