Should cancer patients get the COVID-19 vaccine?


CLEVELAND (WJW) — Should cancer patients get the COVID-19 vaccine? In most cases, medical experts say yes.

Doctors say people who are in treatment, have had treatment or are about to begin treatment should consult with their physician about getting the vaccine if they are in one of the eligible groups.

Director of Breast Medical Oncology Dr. Halle Moore with the Cleveland Clinic said cancer patients are at high risk and they need protection from getting sick.

So far, the vaccine has been shown to be safe for cancer patients.

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“The more we live with and deal with this virus and the treatments, the more we’re learning every day. I think we’ll continue to get this information, so there’s no evidence that there are extra safety concerns in cancer patients. The only issue is that some of the treatments may cause less effectiveness of the vaccine,” Dr. Moore said.

Doctor Moore says patients should consult with their individual physicians about whether or not the COVID-19 vaccine could conflict with their cancer treatment or if it will cause side effects.

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