11-year-old boy shot by police, family wants justice

  • The Mississippi boy called 911 to help his mother but was shot
  • The lawyer representing the family says he did everything right
  • The attorney says the officer should be prosecuted to the fullest extent

(NewsNation) — Aderrien Murry, 11, was shot by police after he called 911 to report a domestic disturbance at his Mississippi home. The attorney representing his family says it “should have never happened.”

“We want justice. Short and simple, this should have never happened. This young man would never be able to trust the police again. He started counseling on Friday, but how can you obey the police, do everything right, and still get shot?” said attorney Carlos Moore.

When police responded to the scene, one officer had his gun drawn at the front door and shot Aderrien as he was leaving his bedroom after police yelled into the building telling everyone to come out, Moore said.

Moore identified the officer involved as Greg Capers, and says he has been suspended with pay.

“We believe that’s akin to a paid vacation, that’s unacceptable. This man has to be fired and he has to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Moore said.

Moore says Murry is in recovery but the emotional scars may never heal.


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