Young woman with amnesia shows signs of improvement


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — This year has been difficult for many families due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it has been especially difficult for one North Carolina family.

Caitlin Little is entering her year four battling with anterograde amnesia following a sports accident in 2017.

She was always athletic and precocious as a member of the Southeast Guilford High School’s cross-country program, and it was there that everything changed.

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“Thursday, 5 p.m., Oct. 12, 2017,” said her mother Jennifer, with a smile that denotes so much sadness. “Pretty easy to remember.”

On that day during practice, someone stumbled and hit Caitlin in the head, leaving her with a concussion that lasted far longer than anyone – even the doctors who examined her – thought it would.

“(The neurologist) called what he recommended, ‘cocooning,’” her father Chris said. “Cocoon her, protect her from anything very stimulating that might induce more headaches. He said, ‘Well, OK, this looks pretty bad, but, in my experience,’ he said, ’90% of these resolve themselves in three weeks.’”

Three weeks passed and then three months, but Caitlin still wasn’t getting better. She can remember everything that happened before the accident and most of what happens any given day. However, her brain resets overnight and each morning, she wakes up with no memory of the day before or of the time in between.

As her brothers get older and continue to hit milestones, she stays frozen in time. Her family worries about the impact it will have on her as her brothers get old enough to go on to college and move forward in life.

Caitlin can remember the grandfather she loved so much, But day-to-day, she has no memory of the fact that he passed away this year. Each time she finds out is equally painful.

GoFundMe page to help the Little family has received more than $35,000 in donations. Jennifer said she is grateful for the support her family has received.

“I think Caitlin has touched many hearts around the world, not just in this community,” Jennifer said.

NewsNation affiliate WGHP has been following Caitlin’s story for the past two years. For previous stories and videos, we have put a list of links lower in this story.

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