Eta brings torrential rain, flooding and damage to South Florida


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (NewsNation Now) — Tropical Storm Eta left low lying neighborhoods throughout South Florida flooded — and with the ground so saturated, the water had nowhere to go.

Some parts of Broward County, Florida received 16 inches of rain.

Dan Roberts lives in Fort Lauderdale’s Melrose Park neighborhood where most of the streets in the community were submerged.

He says he had to wade through knee-deep water to bring food to an elderly neighbor.

“We have no power. We are hungry. So I waded to Burger King because it is what I had to do,” said Roberts.

Other neighbors, like Corina King, also had to walk through deep water.

“It is hard. Everyone wants to get out. But we can’t get out because we have small little cars and stuff like that,” said King.

Further South, Downtown Miami’s Brickell neighborhood was also flooded.

Cars got stuck in the street before the water finally receded.

“I didn’t realize it was so deep. And when I realized I was in trouble, I tried to turn around, unfortunately, this is a deep area so my car just could not make it through,” said neighbor Gussie Mims..

The Florida Keys did not see as much rain but the wind pushed a massive tree right on top of a home in Key Largo.

Dylan Deese was inside his house when the roof collapsed on him.

His head was cut open, and he needed 13 staples.

Deese says he was just relieved he was able to get out and also get his dog to safety before the rest of the house collapsed.

“I have been down here three years. I have been through some storms. I didn’t know it was that big of a storm. And all of the sudden just like that,” said Deese.

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