Florida adopters rescue 20 golden retrievers from China slaughter


MIAMI (NewsNation Now) — A rescue mission months in the making has a happy conclusion for 20 dogs from China. 

In June, Kristine Minerva, a special education teacher from Royal Palms, Florida started doing research on rescuing dogs from meat markets and the streets of China. 

“Over in China, they do eat dogs for meat consumption,” Minerva said.

Her research led to social media posts and those posts led to adoptions, but flying 20 golden retrievers from one side of the globe to the other was not cheap. 

“So all in all, it probably averaged about between $50,000 and $60,000,” Minerva said.

That number included vaccinations, spay and neutering fees, and of course the travel. Each adoptive family paid $1,000, and the rest came from local fundraising. 

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Before the dogs could get to the United States there was a problem. After the first leg of the trip from Beijing to Taiwan mechanical issues delayed the plane for more than a day. 

The dogs were not allowed out of the crates, so Minerva had to find help to give the dogs food and water.

“I had so many emotions going through me. I knew I needed to make some moves and make moves quickly because these dogs were sitting in Taiwan and they needed to eat,” Minerva said.

After a difficult period of waiting for rescuer and dog alike, the wheels were up to America. Sunday, the furry friends made their way to their new families. 

“My dream became a reality when I saw them getting off the pallets and they were there and we were waiting for customs. I had a moment where I was thinking to myself, this is really happening, You are about to change all 20 of these dogs lives and all of the adopters,” Minerva said.

Minerva said she felt like a fair godmother to the dogs.

 “These dogs do not have a voice. They cannot speak. So I felt, you know, like the godmother, then fairy dog mother, if you will, of this group,” Minerva said. 

If you are interested in rescuing a golden retriever rescued from China, you can reach out to Minerva at her email address: Kristinegoldenrescue@outlook.com.

You can visit Golden Rescue South Florida’s Instagram and Facebook pages here. You can donate to their organization here.

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