Florida governor sues over CDC order docking cruise ships during pandemic


(NewsNation Now) —If you’ve ever been to Port Miami pre-pandemic, you know it’s normally a madhouse. The entire cruise side is a ghost town now during coronavirus.

There’s no one outside or inside the terminals. Most of the ships, normally docked here, are anchored off the coast of the Bahamas. They have been essentially ghost ships for over a year.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says enough is enough.

“Today Florida is fighting back. We are filing a lawsuit against the federal government and the CDC demanding that our cruise ships be reopened immediately,” said DeSantis.

The CDC has had a no sail order in effect since last March, shutting down the billion dollar industry that creates hundreds of thousands of jobs in just Florida, alone.

Despite planned requirements from major cruise lines that all passengers be vaccinated so far the CDC has not allowed them to sail.

“If you are saying under that circumstance you can’t let the cruises sail, then you are basically an anti-vaxxer. You are saying the vaccines don’t work I guess? Because if the vaccines work, then everything needs to be back to normal. And I think they are working because you look at the seniors much less likely to be hospitalized because of the vaccine,” stated DeSantis.

In the lawsuit against the CDC, DeSantis says the state will question why other businesses like airlines, hotels, and theme parks are allowed to operate, but not cruises.

On Thursday, the White House deferred criticism to the CDC.

“We rely on the guidance of the CDC. Health and medical experts. There is a return to science in this administration. They have guidelines they put out on cruise lines. If they decide to update them, that is their prerogative. But that is not a decision made by the white house,” stated White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Marie Paule Terrier and her husband Henri have been on more than 30 cruises to destinations like South America and Europe.

They’ve already had several canceled over the last year – but are hoping to make an August voyage they have booked. They say they feel safe on cruise ships.

“You know, we have been vaccinated since January. And I am sure the ship, they are all clean and disinfected and the crew as well. They always have been safe,” stated Terrier.

NewsNation reached out to the CDC, but did not get a response.

Last week, they said they are working with the cruise industry on simulated cruises where they can test COVID-19 procedures with volunteers.

Carnival has already threatened to move their home ports out of the U.S. if the process to resume sailing is not sped up. Cruises are allowed in Asia and Europe and will start soon in the Bahamas.

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