Florida teen charged with body-slamming officer


(NewsNation) — A video of a Florida teenager body-slamming a school resource officer is making its rounds on social media.

Chaos ensued at a central Florida high school when a student was arrested after attacking and body-slamming the officer to the ground.

In the surveillance video, provided by the St. Cloud Police Department, the teen is seen fighting the police officer at the bottom of the screen. As the two move into view, the student can be seen flipping the officer onto his back.

The officer was breaking up a fight between two other students when the 15-year-old suspect saw what was going on and involved himself in the middle of it by attacking the officer, according to the St. Cloud Police Department.

“They put their hands on (bleeped out name),” the 15-year-old said at the time of his arrest.

“Which had nothing to do with you,” the arresting officer responded.

“I don’t care,” the suspect said.

Once he was detained, police charged the teen.

“He’s being arrested today for battery on a law enforcement officer. And resisting with violence,” an officer said.

Police brought the suspect to a juvenile assessment center in Orlando, about 30 miles away.

In a statement to NewsNation, the Osceola School District said:

“Our commitment to every student is one of mutual respect. The caring adults on our campuses treat students with respect, and likewise, we expect our students to show them respect in return. The vast majority of students practice this daily. Unfortunately, we have seen a few incidents this school year where students have made extremely poor decisions to disrespect and assault their school resource officer. “

According to an officer on the scene, the teen suspect is not only facing charges but he will also likely be expelled from school as well.

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