iPhone SOS alert leads deputies to man submerged in car

(NewsNation) — Life-saving technology that lives in our cellphones has saved a life.

A phone automatically alerted first responders to a crash, sent them the coordinates of that crash, and within minutes, Florida deputies saved a man’s life by removing him from a car partly submerged in water.  

Authorities said an “automated distress signal” from the man’s iPhone led them to his location, which was his overturned car partly submerged in a canal.

Intense body camera video shows deputies in Martin County, east of Jupiter, rescuing the man from his car. Authorities said the driver had tried avoiding an animal while on a dark road. When he crashed, he landed upside down in the canal.

The impact of the crash prompted an automatic response from his cellphone, which immediately sent an SOS alert to dispatchers, along with the crash coordinates.

The life-saving technology is available on iPhones and Androids. On an iPhone, the feature is listed under Settings as “Emergency SOS.” On an Android, the feature is also under Settings and listed as “Car Crash Detection.”

The technology can use information such as motion sensors and nearby sounds to detect a possible severe car crash.


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