Man escapes kidnapping by driving wildly


(NewsNation) — A Florida man who says he was driving a car while being kidnapped says he was able to get out of the situation by driving so erratically police pulled him over.

The man had bragged on social media that his dog breeding business was booming. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office say three men saw those posts and broke into his home and breeding business. They then robbed and assaulted him before launching a two-day crime spree, the office says.

The suspects moved the dog-breeder to multiple locations; on day two, they forced him to drive somewhere new. It was then he was driving on the highway past a police car. That’s when he started swerving across three lanes of traffic.

All three suspects and the driver got out of the car. They were allowed to return to the car with a warning.

But the driver didn’t get back in. The deputy again told the driver he could get back in the car, but instead he made a hand gesture behind his back like he was pulling the trigger on a gun.

The driver told the deputy he was kidnapped, and that there were weapons in the car. The deputy was able to call for help and make the arrest.

“It was some great proactive police work,” Port St. Lucie Assistant Police Chief Richard Del Toro, Jr. said on “Dan Abrams Live.” The alleged victim was first kidnapped in Port St. Lucie.

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer says the driving stunt might have saved his life.

“The only thing that I think he could have improved upon, was immediately about upon being pulled over, he should have let that police officer know right away,” Coffindaffer told NewsNation.

Guns, knives, drugs and a lot of money was found in the car. After an investigation, MCSO confirmed it was a kidnapping.

Coffindaffer also recommended being quiet about wealth on social media.

Kashaveeyah Bragdon, Tsdekiel Sellers and Benyahveen Radcliffe were arrested and charged with kidnapping, carjacking, armed burglary, home invasion, false imprisonment and witness tampering.

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