Man wakes up with $1.3 trillion in cryptocurrency, can’t withdraw it

(NewsNation Now) — Christopher Williamson is a trillionaire, according to his cryptocurrency app. There’s just one problem – he can’t take his money out.

And he thinks he’s probably not really a trillionaire.

The man from Georgia says he invested $20 in a fringe cryptocurrency called Rocket Bunny. It’s never traded at more than $0.00000000007 per coin. He woke up Tuesday to find that his humble $20 had multiplied around 65 billion times.

He rushed to his computer to withdraw it, but Coinbase, the app he uses to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, kept spitting out errors.

Eventually, Coinbase support told him their team is reviewing the situation to find “the best solution.”

On Friday, he tweeted a picture showing his account was still worth $1.3 trillion.

“I know I’ll never get $1 trillion, but I hope something comes out of it if that makes sense,” Williamson told NewsNation.

Williamson offered to invite Coinbase employees on a mega yacht shaped like a penguin if he’s ever able to withdraw the money that’s supposedly in there.

He’s hoping the resolution comes soon. “I’m gonna need an emotional support penguin if this goes into Day Four,” he tweeted Friday morning.


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