Missing: What happened to a mother of 2 who vanished?

(NewsNation) — Alexis Ware repeated the same phrase to her family, about how “she wasn’t going to make it to her 30th birthday.” Then, in an eerie case of foreshadowing, Alexis went missing.

Now, Alexis’ older brother Travis is left scrolling through his sister’s pictures, wondering what happened to the older sibling he said was “the life of the party.”

The behavior of the aspiring social media model known for her big personality had changed prior to her disappearance Jan. 30. Not only was she repeating she would not live to see her 30th birthday, Travis said she had posted a series of concerning social media posts, which have since been deleted, prior to her going missing.

“They were not her norm,” Travis said.

On Jan. 30, Ware met up with T.J. Patterson, the father of her son, at a 7-Eleven gas station off Highway 29 in Anderson, South Carolina. Patterson filled her gas tank, then the mother of two loaded her 2-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter into Patterson’s vehicle.

Security footage captured everything.

Ware began to follow Patterson to a different location in her red Honda, when suddenly, she sped off. It was the last recorded instance of her being seen.

Patterson is not considered a suspect by police.

Her phone went to voice mail the next day, and no one could reach her. Another day passed with no sign of Ware. Her family filed a missing persons report.

Her car was found covered in mud in rural McCormick, South Carolina, a little over an hour’s drive from Anderson. Her cellphone, wallet, keys and a bag full of clothes were found in the car. They remain the only real clues in her disappearance.

Her children are safe with their grandmother.

As far as Travis knows, there is no reason his sister would have traveled to McCormick where her car was found.

“To Mccormick, South Carolina? No, my sister doesn’t know anyone there; she doesn’t have any relatives there,” Travis said. “She doesn’t have any friends there … so that threw me off.”

Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI, have been searching for Ware. Authorities searched more than 200 acres of land looking for the missing woman. K-9 units were used, as well, to no avail.

Cellphone and GPS records have been collected, while family members, friends and associates have been interviewed but little has come from any of it.

By all accounts, it appears as if Ware vanished into thin air.

“We checked all the hospitals, local detention centers, coroner’s office to make sure that nobody has not been identified yet,” said JT Foster, a sheriff’s deputy with Anderson County. “We did a check with TSA for flights to make sure that she didn’t leave the country.”

Foster said there are no clear leads. Authorities and family members alike are stumped about what happened to Ware.

Travis said Ware loved her kids and “wouldn’t go a day” without seeing them.

“My sister loved social media, she’s not going to go a day, a few hours, a few minutes, off of Facebook, or Instagram,” Travis said.


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