‘I want him terminated’: Mom of 11-year-old shot by police

  • Aderrien Murry was shot and wounded by police after calling 911 for help
  • His mother wants to see the officer responsible terminated and arrested
  • Since the shooting, the officer has been suspended with pay

(NewsNation) — The mother of Aderrien Murry, the 11-year-old Mississippi boy shot by police, is demanding justice for her son, calling for the officer responsible to be fired and arrested.

“I feel that it’s unfair because I’m paying taxes. So it’s like I’m paying the person who shot my son and I don’t think it’s fair. I want him terminated. I want the officers better trained. I need them to get counseling,” Nakala Murry said.

Murry joined “NewsNation Prime” to tell her story, saying the moment was “absolutely traumatic.”

“I need someone to not act like it didn’t happen. No one is saying anything to me. No apologies from the officer, it’s just really a hush moment right now,” Murry said.

Aderrien was shot and wounded on May 25, after calling 911 to help his mother in a domestic abuse situation taking place in their home.

Murry says Aderrien is currently recovering from his injuries, which include a collapsed lung and broken ribs.

“My son is he’s doing pretty well physically, emotionally. We have our moments, but we’re coping with it or trying to cope with dealing with everything, but he’s still in good spirits,” Murry said.


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