New skate park hopes to bring community together on the rink


CHARLOTTE, NC (WJZY) —Three African American Charlotte natives are bringing outdoor skating to the area in hopes of uniting the community and making a positive impact on at-risk youth.

The three owners, Kendria Holmes, Brandi Fox and Sh’niqua Ussery, said they’re aiming to have a little bit of a throwback with their rink that the whole family can enjoy.

“It’s nostalgic, it’s vintage,” said Holmes, “Good clean fun is what I like to call it. You come out here, let your hair down, and just have a good time.”

Holmes had the idea for the rink back in 2016, but things really took off a year ago when all three women started working together.

Fox said, “It’s so crazy, it’s a synergy like we literally balance each other out.”

Saturday’s grand opening was the first of many start-up events for the business.

Rollin’ CLT also features a 21+ outdoor lounge, food trucks, games, and stalls for different vendors to set up shop.

Ussery said, “You get on TikTok and you see everybody skating and we were like ‘Oh, this is what we’re supposed to do, this is how we bring the people together.’”

The three women said that they hope they can set a positive example for other women entrepreneurs in the area to pursue their ideas.

Holmes said, “Breaking down barriers, running through glass ceilings, all of that, girl power.”

“My daughter is 12 and my son is 7 and right before I came over here, she called me and said ‘Mom, I just wanna let you know that I’m proud of you,’ so that just makes me feel really excited,’ Fox said.

The Labor Day weekend also marked the launch of the Rollin’ Homies youth program that teaches kids important life skills outside their textbooks.

“Things they are not learning in school – financial education, financial literacy, trading and investing, entrepreneurship, business building, life skills,” said Holmes.

Fox and the others think they’re on to something special with their idea, bringing some much-needed family fun to a growing Queen City.

“We are all Charlotte natives, so it’s like homegrown. I think it just really brings that Charlotte loves into one place and that’s really what we’re trying to do. This is just the beginning.”

Rollin’ CLT will also be launching their mobile skate service in October, where they’ll bring the rink to you. The group will also offer lessons in the coming weeks.

The ultimate goal is to have a brick-and-mortar indoor space up and running in 2022.

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