Organization gives Florida teen a ‘super’ bedroom makeover


BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) — At 2 p.m. on Saturday, it was crunch time in Blountstown for non-profit organization Rooms With a Purpose, where it was getting ready to give 16-year-old Chace Donahue a “super” room makeover.

“Well they call him Super Chase,” said Sherry Melton, Rooms With a Purpose founder. “Superman is his favorite character but he loves all of the different ones. So we started with Superman and we’re doing a little bit of everything else as well.”

Chace has cerebral palsy. To accommodate that, the volunteers are adding something special: a $400 montior that will help the family keep track of Chace.

“This is going to help us sleep at night,” said Michelle Donahue, Chace’s mother.

Although they didn’t get as many volunteers to help out today as they expected, they got the room done in time for the big reveal.

“There’s so much that comes with him that a lot of people wouldn’t even understand and begin to understand,” said Devyn Donahue, Chace’s father. “But to be able to have this is just awesome.”

Melton said that this is a special renovation, not only for Chace’s 16th birthday on Oct. 22 but also in honor of one of the organization’s former volunteers.

“She’s my best friend and she passed away today from COVID,” Melton said. “And she has been with us through most every room makeover that we’ve ever done.”

“So today is in honor of Michelle Sisk,” she added. “And we love her and we miss her very much.”

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