South Carolina man fixes junk cars to help community


(NewsNation Now) — A South Carolina man is turning one man’s junk into treasure. 

Eliot Middleton is a mechanic-turned-restaurateur who in his spare time repairs junk cars and donates them to people in rural South Carolina. Middleton has repaired more than 30 vehicles just this year.

He says he does it to bridge the transportation divide and to bring the community together.

“In 2019 I held a food drive in Andrews, South Carolina, and folks were not able to get to the food drive because of a lack of transportation. I felt that by being a mechanic for over 17 years that I can help out in that area,” Middleton said.

Middleton says he finds recipients by word of mouth and recommendations. His selfless act began with a Facebook post last year.

“At first I offered ribs for the cars and I started getting a few cars here and there. But now, there are some cars being donated from all over the nation. I’ve been able to travel outside of my state to pick up some cars,” he said.

Middleton is the owner of Middleton & Maker Village BBQ.

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