Spirit employees trashed passenger’s belongings

  • Spirit airlines employees trashed a man's belongings in New Orleans
  • The belongings included family heirlooms, medication
  • The employees have been suspended and arrested

(NewsNation) — Spirit gate agents at New Orleans’s Louis Armstrong International Airport were caught on camera trashing a passenger’s belongings.

Keyonne Brooks was traveling through the airport on February 19. He had attended a funeral in the city and was heading to Los Angeles.

He accidentally left a carry-on bag at the gate. Brooks put in a lost-and-found request, but never received his bag.

Brooks grew curious and requested surveillance footage of the airport. What he saw on the video was shocking — the video showed gate agents dumping all of his belongings into the trash. Those belongings included everything from medications to family heirlooms.

“I was mortified to see, you know, my personal belongings being discarded, some of it being stolen, going into the trash. I needed the medication in there,” Brooks told “NewsNation: Rush Hour.”

Brooks’s attorney said the employees were suspended and then arrested. Spirit Airlines did not respond to a request for comment from NewsNation.


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