Watch: 4-year-old saves her home from a fire


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (NewsNation Now) — Amelia Jermyn, 4, is being hailed a hero for potentially saving her family’s home from significant fire damage.

In a video shared by Amelia’s father, Daniel Patrick Jermyn, the little girl can be seen dancing around the house in her tutu to music from the Disney film Frozen — before realizing something’s not right.

“Fire!” she yelled. “Oh no, my dad is gonna kill me! Think, think….”

Just as the soundtrack’s tempo picked up, Amelia sprung into action to find her dad.

Moments later, Daniel Jermyn sprinted into the kitchen and found his air fryer ablaze on the stovetop.

Unable to find the fire extinguisher, he picked up the device with his bare hands and ran it outside to throw it in the pool. 

Fiery debris spilled on his living room floor, so he came back inside to drown it out with water.

“So my daughter saved my home tonight,” Patrick said in his Instagram video.

On Facebook, he said Amelia saved their home. “I think Idina Menzel would be proud,” he wrote.

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