Watch: North Carolina family rescued from burning home by two neighborhood heroes


TEGA CAY, S.C. (WJYZ) – The days can be pretty typical for Rashad Conwell, a word he uses to describe himself.

“I’m so quiet and laid back,” Conwell, who’s been driving for FedEx for eight years, said. “I just did want anybody else would do.”

But ask anyone in a neighborhood near Lake Wylie, just outside Charlotte near the Carolinas border, and they’d tell you that what Conwell did on Wednesday isn’t ordinary.

“I came to the house, knocked on the door, she thought I was delivering a package. I was like, ‘Ma’am your house is on fire,’” Conwell said.

He said he then made sure the woman and the child left the home that was quickly catching on fire. It only took a few minutes before the whole back end of the home was engulfed in flames.

“We didn’t grab shoes, we didn’t grab phones, we didn’t grab anything,” said John, who lives at the home.

John said, he was working above the garage that caught on fire. At first, he couldn’t smell anything, but then his wife came in yelling that the house was on fire.

“It was so hot. I have burns on my nose and on my face, I just ran down the side of the driveway to get away from it,” said John.

Rashad wasn’t the only person who stopped to help. Randy Mohammad was working nearby and saw that John’s house was on fire. It was all captured on their ring camera.

“Your garage is on fire!” yelled Mohammad.

Mohammad spoke with NewsNation affiliate WJYZ on the phone on Thursday and said at first he didn’t realize what he was seeing. But when he realized what was happening, he had to run up and knock.

“If they didn’t knock on the door to tell us to get out, I would have been sitting in that room above the garage,” said John.

John and his wife have lost their home of 10 years, but they are grateful to both Mohammad and Conwell.

“That was the only thought, was to get the people out,” said Conwell.

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