‘We beg you to tell us’: Petito’s family asks her boyfriend’s parents for information

Gabby Petito Case

(NewsNation Now) — The family of Gabby Petito publicly asked the missing YouTuber’s boyfriend’s parents to come forward with any information they have about her disappearance.

“We believe you know the location of where Brian left Gabby,” the letter reads. “We beg you to tell us.”

The letter, read out loud by family spokesperson Richard Stafford, asks the Laundrie family to imagine what it’s like to be missing so many answers.

“Please, if you or your family have any decency left, please tell us where Gabby is located. Tell us if we are even looking in the right place,” it says.

The letter came on the same day Utah police released bodycam video of an encounter between Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. Police were called to respond to a domestic disturbance Aug. 12. Petito last texted her family Aug. 30.

She was on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie, and the two were documenting it in a YouTube series called Van Life.

Police say Petito’s car was found at Laundrie’s parents’ home Sept. 11. Petito and Laundrie live with them. He is now a person of interest in her disappearance. Nobody has been arrested or charged with a crime.

Police in North Point, Florida, where Laundrie and Petito live, are frustrated.

“The lack of information from Brian is hindering this investigation,” North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison said Wednesday. “The answers will eventually come out.”

“Two people went on a trip, one retuned. That one that returned is not talking and he has all the information I believe that we’re looking for,” Garrison said on Thursday’s “NewsNation Prime” broadcast.

Brian Laundrie has rights under the Constitution not to speak with police, so, “We’ll use all the other resources in our power to find out where Gabby’s at,” Garrison said.

“I spent time with the family today. It’s heart-wrenching. We want to bring her home. Someone out there has the missing pieces that we need. It’s frustrating, because we want to bring Gabby home, because Gabby’s family deserves that.”

You can read the full letter below. Please note, NewsNation was not provided a written copy of the letter. Formatting was added by the writer after listening to it.

Christopher and Roberta Laundrie. We are writing this letter to ask you to help find our daughter. We understand you are going through a difficult time and your instinct is strong to protect your son. We ask you to put yourselves in our shoes. We haven’t been able to sleep or eat, and our lives are falling apart.

We believe you know the location of where Brian left Gabby. We beg you to tell us.

As a parent, how could you let us go through this pain and not help us? As a parent, how could you put Gabby’s younger brothers and sisters through this?

Gaby lived with you for over a year. She was going to be your daughter-in-law. How can you keep her location hidden? You were both at Jim and Nichole’s house. You were both so happy that Brian and Gabby got engaged and were planning to spend their lives together.

Please, if you or your family have any decency left, please tell us where Gabby is located. Tell us if we are even looking in the right place. All we want is for Gabby to come home. Please help us make that happen.

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