‘Why her?’: Father of slain LSU student wants answers, justice


(NewsNation) — Paul Rice wants answers surrounding the shooting death of his 21-year-old daughter Allison, an LSU student who was killed in her car on Sept. 17.

Thus far, police have not found much pointing to who killed Allison Rice, but they believe the incident was a random attempted carjacking.

What police have been able to piece together so far, Paul Rice told NewsNation, is that Allison was sitting at a train crossing while a train passed, eating french fries in her car, when she was approached and shot multiple times.

“What we know at this point is they’re working around the clock right now. We’ve gotten a lot of different confirmations from different sources. They’re turning over every stone they can find,” Paul Rice said.

“At this point, there hasn’t been anything substantial that’s been found,” he added.

The killing has left police and Rice’s family with many questions.

“She was sitting there waiting for the train to pass and she was approached by one or more individuals and what the police believe at this point was an attempted carjacking,” Rice said. “Basically they filled her car full of bullets, and her as well.”

Rice said he does know, however, what justice would look like for his daughter. He said he wants to see whoever killed her “locked away for life.”

“I think I want to know everything. Why? Why her?,” Rice said. “From what they’ve been able to piece together, she was sitting there at the light eating french fries waiting on the train to pass. The child did nothing, she did not deserve to have this happen to her, she did not deserve to have her life end for no reason.”

Rice said his family was amazed to see the number of people who showed up for Allison’s visitation, which included people she knew in preschool.

“This child was so amazing. She was not only extremely beautiful, as you can tell from all the pictures on here, but she was extremely intelligent, she had such a life ahead of her.” Rice said. “What I’ve learned, not to say I didn’t know this, but maybe not to this degree: She just has a lifetime of friends that have been completely moved by her.”

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