Texas college student says she wants to be the CEO of Disney

  • Cori Borgstadt has attended the past 16 Disney shareholder meetings
  • She says a good leader listens to both criticisms and positive feedback
  • Current Disney CEO Bob Iger told her to continue coming to the meetings

(NewsNation) — An 18-year-old college student says she wants to be the future CEO of Disney.

“It started when I was really little. I remember telling my mom, back when I wasn’t really thinking about the math, when Mr. Iger first announced he was stepping down, I would tell my mom, ‘Oh, maybe I could do that,'” said Cori Borgstadt.

But this isn’t just a childish dream. Borgstadt has attended the past 16 Disney shareholders meeting, even speaking to current CEO Bob Iger about her aspirations. In once instance, Borgstadt asked Iger for advice.

“He said to keep coming to shareholders meetings, and he said, to also stay in school and keep working hard. And so I’ve definitely try to live by that advice,” Borgstadt said on “NewsNation Live.”

Borgstadt is a freshman studying economics and film and media studies at Texas Tech University.

“I think what makes a good leader is someone who’s willing to listen. If you just come in and want to change things up and kind of show you’re boss, I don’t think that’ll work,” Borgstadt said. “I think listening to others, and listening to what they have to say, their criticisms, as well as their positive feedback is very important.”

Disney has been in the headlines recently for its ongoing feud with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. In February, DeSantis signed a law stripping Disney of its special privileges in the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

The new board that assigned control of the special district that oversees Disney World was stripped of nearly all its powers through an agreement made before the state took control of the district.


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