Abbott, O’Rourke spar as more migrants are bused out of state


DALLAS (NewsNation) — Much of the border spotlight in recent weeks has been on the battle of the buses between Texas and New York, but immigration has quickly become a key issue in the Texas gubernatorial election, as well. 

Democrat Beto O’Rourke has an uphill battle in gaining the majority of support of Texas voters and immigration is top of mind for many of them.

Texas hasn’t elected a Democrat as governor in nearly 30 years and a recent poll shows Gov. Greg Abbott with a seven-point lead over O’Rourke. 

While Abbott has made immigration the pinnacle of his political pyramid, O’Rourke has put his focus on other polarizing issues including abortion and gun safety

O’Rourke tweeted Sunday afternoon that he started to feel ill Friday and checked into the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, where he was diagnosed with a bacterial infection.

Meanwhile, Abbott has drawn the ire of officials in Washington, D.C., and New York City for busing hundreds of migrants to the Democrat-run cities. Five additional buses carrying migrants arrived safely in New York City on Wednesday. After the buses left Texas, Abbott announced that more than a thousand migrants have been sent to New York, and thousands more have been sent to Washington, D.C.

“I’ve got one thing to tell you and to tell them,” Abbott said during a rally. “There are more buses on the way as we gather at this conference today.”

The border battle isn’t just being fought in Texas. In states across the southern border, politicians are campaigning on the issue.

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