Border Patrol asks agents to help in Afghanistan


(NewsNation Now) — Some Border Patrol agents will move from the U.S.-Mexico border to Afghanistan to help with evacuations.

“[Customs and Border Protection] did solicit for a small number of volunteers from U.S. Border Patrol who have a background in vetting and processing to assist CBP officers overseas,” a CBP spokesperson told NewsNation. “The assistance of border patrol agents overseas will not affect the CBP mission on the southwest border.” 

But not everyone believes that’s realistic.

“This is not the way you run homeland security or border security,” former Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent Victor Avila said.

There were more than 210,000 illegal border crossings in July alone. It remains unclear how many border patrol agents have been asked to relocate to Afghanistan.

“They’ve been overwhelmed for months,” Avila said. “And so you talk about not being affected—they need more help down there. They need more bodies, they need more equipment, they need a lot more resources. So you take one Border Patrol agent away and that’s going to hurt them.” 

The Department of Homeland Security has already deployed personnel from CBP, ICE and the Transportation Security Administration to Qatar to conduct screening to bring vetted Afghans to the U.S.

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