Century-old missing headstone found in Oklahoma town


OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) — A headstone, more than a century old, was found away from its grave by three friends in Coyle, Oklahoma. They found the stone at an old water treatment plant in between two buildings.

“I’ve been here eight years and I’ve never noticed it,” said Barbara Marical.  

Marical says her friend, Dan, was the one who actually discovered the grave.  

“Dan noticed it and then Dan tells Pam and then Pam, me,” Marical explained.

Marical has lived in the area for years and says she’s walked by the two buildings and hasn’t ever seen it.

“I’ve never seen it walking up and down that street. I guess I’m not nosey,” she said.  

The trio has now formed something of a mystery club of their own to find the stone’s home.

“Her dad was Henry Chaplain Sayre; he was 33-years-old at that time. Alice Elliot, that’s her mother, she was 25,” Marcial said.  

The little girl whom the headstone belongs to was 7-years-old when she died. According to the stone, she was born in 1983 and died in 1901.

“It breaks my heart. It brought tears to my eyes,” said Marical.  

Marical hopes to find the stone’s home, but says she plans to honor the stone either way.  

“If we can’t find where they’re buried, that stone needs to be honored,” she said.  

If you have any information about the headstone or where it might belong, email NewsNation affiliate KFOR at 4@kfor.com.

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