Watch: Dolphin recovering at Texas aquarium after being found stranded, malnourished


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (NewsNation Now) — A bottlenose dolphin is getting medical care after being found stranded north of a state park outside of Corpus Christi.

The dolphin calf, which weighs approximately 100 pounds and is 5.5 feet long, appears to be between 9-and 12-months-old according to Texas State Aquarium officials.

“At this time, our efforts are focused on correcting this young dolphin’s dehydration and malnutrition,” said Dr. Carrie Ullmer, Texas State Aquarium’s Head Veterinarian in a press release. “In addition, he has been started on antibiotics due to evidence of pneumonia, something that stranded marine mammals are predisposed to.”

The calf was rescued June 18 and is getting 24-hour-care by officials. Officials said the dolphin swam on its own in the rehabilitation pool after being rescued which is encouraging for its recovery.

Aquarium officials are optimistic the dolphin will make a full recovery.

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