Expert decries viral Beekeeper’s method of collecting bees without gear


(NewsNation Now) — A Texas beekeeper created a stir with her viral videos showing her boldly scooping up honey bees with her bare hands. Now a bee removal specialist is calling out her behavior as dangerous.

Erika Thompson says it’s a part of her personal mission to save the bees.

In some videos, Thompson doesn’t wear the traditional bee keeping suit. That’s part of the reason why some in the profession are calling her out for allegedly misleading millions.

“The fact is she goes into removals … She’s setting a very dangerous precedent,” said TikTok user @lahoneybeerescue.

This bee keeping influencer is battling a colleague in the bee business, Erika Thompson, accusing her of improperly handling the insects.

NewsNation spoke to the Texas Bee Works owner back in April before this latest controversy. She addressed concerns that her practices were dangerous.

“I always wear protective gear when I need to, but that was one case where the bees were gentle and docile. I could work alongside them without wearing gear, but I always wear the veil or a full suit and gloves if I need to,” Erika Thompson told NewsNation.

She rescues bees from every place imaginable.

Showing her millions of followers how to remove bees step by step.

“This is why Texas Bee Works is dangerous. She doesn’t show this,” said LA Honey Bee Rescue in another TikTok while she was surrounded by angry bees.

LA Honey Bee Rescue is slamming Thompson’s techniques and showing viewers why they need to be aware.

“She is a beekeeper, but not a bee removal specialist. And a guy in Texas just died mowing his lawn next to a tree that had an Africanized hive on it,” said LA Honey Bee Rescue.


I don’t give a rat’s ass if you think I have a bad attitude for pointing out that one of my colleagues is doing something dangerous. This is my job

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