Man details escape from roommate’s kidnapping attempt


HOUSTON (NewsNation) — A Houston man says he’s sleeping easier now that the man accused of trying to kidnap him in his own car has turned himself in.

That man also happened to be his roommate.

“It was the scariest moment of my life,” Justin Iwuji said Monday on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour.”

Iwuji says it happened May 8. In-home security footage appears to show his roommate, Joshua DeLoach, pointing a gun at him.

“On your knees, now,” DeLoach says on the video. “Do you want to live or you want to die?”

Later, Iwuji says he was in the back of his own Range Rover with his hands and legs duct taped.

Iwuji said DeLoach began driving the car, and amid constant prayers, Iwuji was able to free his fingers enough to open the door and roll out. Then, he freed his legs and caught a ride with a helpful driver.

“Hey, I’ll get in the back of your pickup truck,” Iwuji recalled saying. “Just call 911 and drive.”

DeLoach turned himself in May 19. Iwuji kept his location secret while police looked for his roommate.

Iwuji said he never suspected DeLoach would do something like that. Both men were former college football players, and knew each other for about half a decade before they moved in together last year.

“We never had an issues, disagreements, arguments,” Iwuji said. “For me, it was a complete shock. I’m just glad I’m safe, he turned himself in and no one was injured.”

Iwuji has told other news outlets DeLoach missed two months of rent payments, and he was asked to move out just before the incident.

DeLoach is facing robbery and aggravated kidnapping charges.

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