Texas bar goes viral for polarizing social media post, Texas GOP comments


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Texas bar known as the “Home of the Red Draw” has gone viral thanks to a Facebook status that said Democrats should pay almost twice as much as Republicans for their food.

P2-The Deuce, the oldest bar in the northern Texas city of Wichita Falls, recently posted a Facebook status saying:

We feel instead of a vaccination card, you should bring in your voter registration card. We will have 2 menus. One for Democrats and one for Republicans. Republicans will have a $6.50 hamburger while the Democrats can have a $12.50 hamburger. The Republicans may get a server that may be rude to you. The Democrats will have to make their own hamburger cause we can’t hire any help right now. And as a disclaimer, I’m the owner, and if this offends you I don’t give a s—. #JoeBidenSucks

P2-The Deuce Facebook

Since it was originally posted on Monday night, the status has garnered over 1,800 reactions and nearly 900 shares.

The owner of P2 The Deuce, Steve Wilkinson, declined an interview request from NewsNation affiliate KFDX, but said his reason for the post was over his disapproval of vaccine mandates in New York City.

KFDX also reached out to the Texas GOP, which provided the following statement:

“We are not surprised that President Biden’s divisive policies have caused actual divisiveness. This has crippled small business owners like this one, directly affecting their ability to make a living. As they seek to provide for their families, we share their frustration about these burdensome policies.”


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