Texas man serenades wife hospitalized with COVID-19 with a mariachi band


ODESSA, Texas (NewsNation Now) — Every day since his wife was hospitalized from coronavirus, Santos Gutierrez has climbed to the top of a Texas hospital parking garage to Facetime and eat meals with her.

Gutierrez’s wife has been in the hospital since last week. He started the parking garage visits to show her how much he cares about her and misses her.

On Sunday, Gutierrez stepped up his game after his wife said she was having an off day. He hired a mariachi band and climbed to the top of the parking garage at the Medical Center Hospital with his wife’s family.

They made signs and serenaded her from the top of the parking garage.

“I just wanted to show her some support and show her that we are still waiting for her to get out,” Gutierrez said of the show.

Gutierrez said he hopes she will be released from the hospital Monday.

NewsNation affiliate KMID contributed to this report.

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