Texas tree climber dresses as President Trump and puts up flags around city


Lufkin, TEXAS (KETK) — The presidential campaign has been full of surprises and it has reached a whole new level because of a mysterious tree climber in Texas.

It’s become a trend popping up across Deep East Texas: a mysterious climber putting flags on top of enormous trees.

The man wants to remain anonymous. On the rare chance, you see him, you may think it’s President Donald Trump with a quick glance.

“He says he doesn’t idolize Trump, he’s not trying to make it super political, but he just [..] that’s our president and he thought it would be fitting to raise a flag and dress as Trump and make it extra fun,” explained Dena Strban.

Strban is a local photographer, who convinced the masked man to let her take photos of him after people started noticing flags go up one by one.

It seems like no matter where you go “everybody’s trying to figure it out, trying to see if they can spot him climbing the trees.”

And NewsNation affiliate KETK-TV got to see him in action on Thursday.

Putting on a harness, he is able to reach the top in less than 10 minutes and leave his signature flag at the top.

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