Texas wife confronts husband with frying pan, hits him with a brick after going through his phone


Wolfe City (Texas) police officer Shaun Lucas. Photo provided by Texas Rangers.

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KFDX/KJTL) — A Texas woman who said she discovered her husband was cheating on her, confronted him with a frying pan while he slept, police said.

Melissa Fobbs said she looked through her husband’s phone on Friday night and discovered her husband was cheating on her with another women, according to Wichita Falls police.

She told police she got a frying pan for self-defense and then went to confront him in the bedroom where he was sleeping.

She then woke him up and they got in a heated argument, according to police. They left the house and went in the front yard where she grabbed a brick and threw it at him, she told police.

She said she thought she missed him, but he fell to the ground and picked up the brick so she grabbed a weed whacker for self-defense, police said.

Police said the husband was limping and confirmed her version of the dispute, and said the thrown brick had caused him to fall and injure his knee.

Fobbs is charged with assault family violence causing bodily injury. She was released from jail on Saturday.

NewsNation affiliate KFDX contributed to this report.

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