‘Michelob Guy’ talks landing endorsement deal

(NewsNation) — While thousands of golf fans crowded around to watch Tiger Woods during the second round of the Masters in Augusta Georgia, one man decided, instead of capturing the moment on his phone, to soak it in.

The man in question is Missouri native Mark Radetic, who stood with an attentive gaze — and both hands wrapped around his Michelob Ultra beer — as Tiger hit a difficult shot from under a tree branch.

The innocent moment between fan and sport is not only a now-viral photo, but has led to an endorsement deal with the renowned brewery company.

“It’s been pretty unreal. Never in my wildest imagination thought something like this would happen,” Radetic said Tuesday evening while on “NewsNation Prime.”

The internet ran with the photo, dubbing Radetic “The Michelob Guy.”

Radetic tells “Prime” that Michelob called about three days after he went viral on Twitter, saying they wanted to run an ad campaign after around him and asked what he needed.

“We talked about copious amounts of Ultra, merchandise, going to other PGA events, and we’re now getting into shirts and hats and they’re proposing, potentially, a can of beer with my picture on it. We’re working through that right now. It’s been crazy,” he said.

The St. Louis native say’s he’s been hearing from people with whom he went to grade school, high school and college, as well as cousins he hasn’t talk to in a while.

“It’s been a bit of a reunion tour,” he said.

The biggest lesson in all, he says, is living in the moment.

“Life’s fleeting and sometimes, you miss some of the most important things by looking through your phone or social media. I’m not that great with my phone and he had a tough shot so I decided to watch it,” he said.


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