NBA fans are spending thousands on the latest digital collectible craze


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — A virtual NBA card collectible is having a “Game Stop” moment of its own as prices skyrocket and fans scramble for valuable cards.

Bleacher Report NBA Reporter Sean Highkin has been following NBA Top Shot and even purchased his own cards while reporting on the collectibles.

The cards take viral moments and capture them into a virtual trading card with stats about the athlete. These cards are protected by blockchain technology to ensure the legitimacy of the card.

Similar to physical trading card games, there are limited runs for certain sets and variations on specific cards that vary in value. Entry level card packs cost around $10 with prices going up for specialized packs.

Highkin explained each card comes with a serial number that reflects its worth with lower numbers and those that match the jerseys for the athlete on the card being more valuable.

The game is still in beta but has attracted major attention in the sports and financial world. The firm behind Top Shot, Dapper Labs, has been valued at $2 billion.

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