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Tristan Thompson gets temporary guardianship of brother

(WJW) – NBA star Tristan Thompson has been granted temporary guardianship of his younger brother, Amari Thompson.

The decision was made by the court on Tuesday, TMZ reported, providing Tristan with the legal responsibility for his sibling’s care and well-being, following the death of their mother Andrea Thompson.

Andrea died of a heart attack in January of 2023.

Tristan filed a petition to assume guardianship of his 17-year-old brother, Amari.

Amari suffers from epilepsy, and Tristan Thompson has highlighted the Epilepsy Foundation of America in some of his charity work to raise funds and awareness.

Thompson posted on Instagram for Amari’s birthday several weeks ago.

“Happy birthday to my sweet baby brother Amari! I love you forever! We Miss you mommy ❤️” he wrote.

A hearing on permanent guardianship has been scheduled for November, TMZ reported.

TMZ reports no one is contesting the custody agreement.

Last week, it was announced that Thompson, 32, would be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2023-2024 season.

Thompson was part of the 2016 NBA title team with the Cavs.


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