Young QBs shine during NFL playoffs


(NewsNation) — The youth movement is having a moment in the NFL — specifically, the young quarterbacks in the postseason.

Brock Purdy, Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence are among those who appear to have taken on the mantle from Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

Eric Mitchell, an NFL analyst and president of LifeFlip Media, told NewsNation it’s an exciting time for NFL fans.

“This new class, that’s kind of after the Patrick Mahomes era, we’ve got the amazing quarterbacks out of the Buffalo Bills, of course, we’ve got Joe Burrow and the Bengals, and now you have Brock Purdy and Trevor Lawrence who are really bringing it on. It’s time and the NFL has been waiting for a fresh, new set of quarterbacks that take what we watch with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and put it on the field.”

Watch the full interview with Eric Mitchell in the video above.

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