States preparing for potential protests at Capitol buildings across the country


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — It’s not just Washington D.C., every state is preparing for armed protests at Capitol buildings from coast-to-coast in all 50 states.

Several governors have already deployed the National Guard to help law enforcement protect against any potential violence at state Capitol buildings in the coming days.

A potential threat of violence looms at all 50 state Capitol buildings after the FBI issued a warning of armed protests planned in each state ahead of the presidential inauguration.

In Michigan, the mayor of Lansing, where the state Capitol is located is requesting assistance from the National Guard.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) — herself was the target of a foiled alleged kidnapping plot last year — won’t disclose the security plan going forward, but said chatter is being monitored by both state and federal resources.

“We’re going to continue to stay close to our federal partners as we are thinking about how we secure the Capitol complex,” she said.

In Ohio, security preparations are underway in Columbus.

“People have the right to protest they do not have the right to be destructive they do not have the right to hurt other people,” said Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio).

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, local, state and federal officials are collaborating.

“We worked hard to be engaged early and at every level so that we have a head start about these issues,” said Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-N.M.)

There’s an increased law enforcement presence in and around the state Capitol in Austin, Texas.

“I think when people can see that you’re prepared I think many times it acts as a deterrent,” said State Sen. Jose Menendez (D).

Although armed militia members have already arrived, even taking photos on Capitol grounds on Tuesday with the chairman of the Texas Republican Party.

“I don’t know quite frankly why the federal government was so surprised at what happened last week I think we all reasonably expected that to happen,” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said.

South of Austin, Houston’s police chief said his department is ready for any unrest within his city.

“I can just tell you that we will continue to monitor social media and we will be prepared to respond to any eventuality here in the Houston area,” Acevedo said.

Six states: Alabama, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland and North Carolina, plus the District of Columbia, don’t allow firearms at demonstrations.

Of the remaining majority of states that do allow guns, a handful of states permit local municipalities to enforce restrictions.

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