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Watch: Handcuffed man hijacks ATV in wild chase caught on video

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A handcuffed suspect bolted from authorities on a stolen ATV Tuesday, pushing the four-wheeler to its top speeds before wiping out in a muddy pool of water.

Officers were placing the suspect in custody and got a set of handcuffs on him before he got loose, local law enforcement said, and fled into the woods.

The suspect then managed to steal a four-wheel ATV. One of the four-wheeler’s owners reportedly tried to chase him on another four-wheeler, but lost his trail.

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The suspect fleeing on an ATV through open road.

Someone else spotted the four-wheeler, and a lengthy chase ensued, with the suspect zooming through long stretches of roadway in Edmond, an Oklahoma City suburb, and into Logan County – all while his hands were cuffed together.

The suspect’s asphalt-paved path turned into a dirt road, but he was undeterred. Mason Dunn, a helicopter pilot for KFOR who was monitoring the chase from the sky, estimated the ATV was going about 70 mph.

Eventually, an officer in a pickup truck intercepted his path on the dirt road, using his vehicle to block much of the road. The suspect veered to the left of the waiting vehicle and went directly into a long stretch of muddy water on the side of the road. He lost control and the ATV overturned.

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Soaked and covered in mud, the suspect surrenders.

The soaked suspect staggered to his feet, but quickly returned to the muddy pool that felled him, lying face down in the beige water, placing his cuffed hands over his head in surrender.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released.

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