‘I’m OK’: TV reporter struck by SUV during live report

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(NewsNation Now) — Disturbing new video shows a reporter in West Virginia get struck by a car on live television — and keep reporting.

Tori Yorgey, a breaking news reporter for WSAZ-TV in Charleston, West Virginia, was live at the scene of a water main break Wednesday evening when she was hit by an SUV during a live shot.

“Oh my god! I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK. I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK,” Yorgey says in video footage of the incident.

The entire incident was captured during the newscast and watched live by viewers at home.

Yorgey is seen standing on a road across from where workers are repairing the break and news anchor Tim Irr tosses the story to her when the unthinkable happens: Yorgey is struck by a vehicle from behind.

“I just got hit by a car, but I’m OK, Tim,” Yorgey says, picking herself up off the pavement.

Yorgey is struck by the vehicle, which does stop to check on her.

The incident was a shock to viewers and Yorgey’s co-workers.

“Whew, we’re all good,” she can be heard saying out of frame as the camera recording the incident is knocked over and lying on its side. “You know, that’s live TV for ya.”

Yorgey, obviously shaken and disoriented, then reveals another startling bit of information for the camera.

“It’s all good,” she says. “I actually got hit by a car in college too, just like that. Wow. I am so glad I’m OK.”

Yorgey was working solo during the report, handling both the camera and reporting duties while on the scene of the ongoing water main break.

She can be seen reassuring the news anchor, who does not initially seem to know what is going on, and that Yorgey is indeed alright.

“You sure you’re OK, Tori,” Irr asks. “Were you bumped down low or up high?”

Yorgey responds, “I don’t even know, Tim”

Yorgey then also reassures the woman who hit her that she is OK.

“Ma’am, you are so sweet and you are OK. It is all good. Oh lord,” she says live on air.

Surprisingly, Yorgey is then able to reset her camera, get back up, and finish the report.

“I thought I was in a safe spot, but clearly we might want to move the camera over a bit,” she says on camera. “My whole life just flashed before my eyes.”

The area where the water main broke is heavy with emergency vehicles, and Irr and Yorgey go on to explain how people get distracted and confused about where to go during such events.

NewsNation spoke to Yorgey and confirmed that she is indeed OK.

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