Lottery winners’ most interesting purchases over the years

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(NewsNation) — One of the largest potential lottery winning in U.S. history is in play this week, as the Mega Millions Powerball jackpot sits at a whopping $1.2 billion.

The things you could do with that kind of money are practically endless and as past lottery winners have shown us, folks can get pretty creative… and strange, with their winnings.

Jay Vargas, Purchase: A wrestling League

Ever heard of the wrestling league of “Wrestlicious TakeDown?” Us either. But it was a wrestling promotion South Carolina lottery winner Jay Vargas attempted to start after winning a $35.3 million lottery prize in 2009. His grand idea was to feature lightly-dressed female wrestlers who also performed comedy sketches. Shockingly, the 19-year-old lottery winner’s idea fizzled out after only lasting for one season. He spent $500,000 on the venture.

Bob Erb, Purchase: Marijuana fundraising

In 2012 Canadian man Bob Erb won $25 million in the lottery and put used that high sum of money to fund a political movement close to his heart. In short, Erb funded the “herb” when he donated $1 million to the political push to legalize marijuana. Erb also helped start Canada’s “420 Day.”

John and Linda Kutey, Purchase: A water park

John and Linda Kutey lived out every child’s dream after winning $28.7 million in the Mega Millions lottery in 2011: The Kutey’s built a water park. “Spray Park” in New York was built by the Kutey’s in honor of their parents. It cost them $200,000.

Sarah Cockings, Purchase: Sister’s breast implants

It’s important for lottery winners to take care of their families after winning their fortunes. Family, after all, is more important than money. British lottery winner Sarah Cockings evidently took that to heart in 2005, paying for her sister to have breast augmentation surgery after winning the jackpot.

Michael Carroll, Purchase: Demolition Derby

United Kingdom winner Michael Carroll used his ÂŁ9.7 million (Around $13 million) in lottery winnings to purchase a race track for his backyard that he used to host demolition derbys. It is rumored the then 19-year-old winner blew most of his money on houses, cars and parties. Then again, what were you doing at 19?

Evelyn Adams, Purchase: Gambling

Evelyn Adams won the lottery not once, but twice in 1985 and 1986 for a total of $5.3 million. While it may seem like Adams was quite lucky, in fact, she was not. Adams reportedly gambled away all of her lottery winnings…both times she won.

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